Crescent City

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Crescent City was established in 1867 with the construction of the Crescent Mill to process the ores from nearby mines. The site was likely chosen because it is located right next to Crescent Spring. The mill, operated by the Crescent Silver Mining Company, was shut down only 10 days after it began processing ore due to lack of funds.

The mill was taken over by the Alameda Silver Mining Company and significantly expanded. In operated from 1869 until 1871, when it was shut down again. It resumed operation in 1873, but by that time most miners had moved on to claims in other areas. According to some sources the Crescent Mill was dismantled and moved to the nearby Tempiute Mine.

Today the incredibly well preserved smoke stack is by far the most prominent feature. The location in a canyon, sheltered from the elements, may have helped preserve it. There are also a few stone foundations and a stone cabin nearby.


From Rachel turn right onto Hwy 375 south. After 18 miles take a well maintained dirt road on the left, heading north. After 10.5 miles turn right onto a secondary dirt road, heading east. After 2.1 miles you will see the smoke stack of the Crescent Mill on your right as well as other foundations. The last two miles may require high clearance.

GPS Coordinates

Rachel  N 37° 38.801'  W115° 44.760'
Turn left onto dirt road  N37° 28.582'  W115° 30.684'
Turn right  N37° 36.520'  W115° 27.821'
Crescent (smoke stack)  N37° 36.382'  W115° 25.721'

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