Moores Station Petroglyphs

The Moores Station Petroglyph site is located in a small canyon near Moores Station, on the north side of Petroglyph Butte. Some of the petroglyphs are in excellent condition, well worth visiting. Access to the site requires a short and easy hike. The site is undeveloped, and there are no facilities.

Other petroglyph sites in the vicinity of Rachel include the Mount Irish Petroglyph Site near Hiko, accessible from Hwy. 318 and a site near Ash Springs, off US-93.


From Rachel turn left onto Hwy 375 north. Follow it for about 59 miles. At the Warm Springs junction turn right onto US-6 east. After 25.4 miles you see a small sign to "Moores Station" on the left. Turn left onto the well-maintained dirt road. After 12.2 miles you get to a 4-way intersection. Turn right here, and always follow the most traveled road when you come to a fork. After about 4 miles you will see a small canyon on the left, with Petroglyph Butte in the south. The petroglyphs are inside the canyon. Suitable for most vehicles; requires a short, easy hike.

GPS Coordinates

Rachel  N 37° 38.801'  W115° 44.760'
Queen City Summit  N37° 45.129'  W115° 56.733'
Warm Springs  N38° 11.447'  W116° 22.218'
Basecamp  N38° 18.705'  W116° 16.807'
Moores Station Turnoff  N38° 28.792'  W116° 05.882'
4-way intersection  N38° 37.593'  W116° 11.402'
Petroglyphs  N38° 40.764'  W116° 11.344'

Moores Station Petroglyphs. [June 1999]

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