Silverbow Ghost Town

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Silverbow (or Silver Bow) is another short lived Nevada boom town. After the discovery of silver ore in late 1904 it was soon compared to that of Goldfield and the mining camp quickly grew. The availability of natural resources like water and wood helped the camp soon become the largest in the area. By late 1905 the town included stores, saloons, a post office and even a newspaper. A weekly coach route to Tonopah was established. According to some sources Silverbow was a wild place and the law was far away.

But the boom came to an abrupt end in late 1906 and the population declined. The newspaper folded and in late 1907 the post office closed for good. Small subsequent booms in 1913 and 1920 did not last long and the camp was abandoned. Today Silverbow lies just outside the fence of the restricted Tonopah Test Range (TTR), more precisely the Tonopah Electronic Combat Range (TECR). The only access road is a bit rough and requires 4WD. For most of us it dead-ends at a gate in the TTR fence.


From Rachel turn left onto Hwy 375 north. Follow it for about 59 miles to the northern end. At the T-intersection with US-6 in Warm Springs turn left onto US-6. After 12.5 miles turn left onto a well maintained dirt road. After 10 miles turn left onto a secondary dirt road. After 3 miles you pass the Golden Arrow mine on the right. Continue straight, then one mile past Golden Arrow fork right. From here on the road has washed out sections and requires high clearance and 4WD. Keep following the most travelled road, heading roughly south, then east. 10 miles past Golden Arrow you pass Stinking Spring on the right. After another 1.8 miles turn right, heading south again. After 1.5 miles you see the remnants of the Silverbow buildings.

GPS Coordinates

Rachel  N 37° 38.801'  W115° 44.760'
Warm Springs  N38° 11.447'  W116° 22.218'
Turn off Hwy 6  N38° 8.979'  W116° 34.779'
Turn left  N38° 0.963'  W116° 38.945'
Golden Arrow  N38° 0.098'  W116° 36.106'
Stinking Spring  N37° 53.653'  W116° 31.611'
Silverbow  N37° 53.169'  W116° 29.560'
TTR Fence  N37° 53.095'  W116° 29.536'

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Metal buildings in what once was downtown Silverbow. [08/24/2018]

Wood cabin, hidden under a tree for shade. Next to the building is a large duct fan assembly. [08/24/2018]

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Silverbow Cemetery. The headstone reads "Fred Newton, 1870-1922, My Beloved Husband." [08/24/2018]

Concrete foundations of the rock mill and tailings from a vertical mine shaft nearby. [08/24/2018]

Room with a view. Stone cabin with evidence of mining activity on the side of the hill in the background. [08/24/2018]

Gate to the restricted Tonopah Test Range, only 500 feet past the stone cabin above. For most of us this is the end of the road. The photo on the left was taken 09/18/2017, the one on the right 08/24/2018. Sometime in between, after we published the first photo here, brand new warning signs were added.

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