Rachel Day 2003
Saturday, May 10, 2003

Celebrating Rachel's Silver Anniversary: Photos of the Rachel Day Parade 2003 and the fair at DC Day park in Rachel. Click on photos to enlarge. Photos #1-4, 7 and 8 by Chuck Clark, with friendly permission. All other photos by Joerg Arnu.

Joe Travis with the Little A'Le'Inn truck
The Reasbeck Mining Company; Motto: "Mining - Our own business"
Visiting: The Vulcan Riders Club from Las Vegas...
...and the last survivor of the Roswell UFO crash?? ;-)
This couple visited from a planet that has been secretly
reverse-engineering German high-tech automobiles for years...
... and even the nearby Area 51 sent a friendly delegation
Edith Grover (left) and Fay Day with the silver anniversary float.
The portrait in the background shows DC Day, the founder of Rachel.
Honor Guard from Nellis Air Force Base
Live music in DC Day park

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