Andies Mine

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Andies Mine is a mercury mine located in Lincoln County, Nevada at an elevation of 6,280 feet. It produced primarily Mercury between 1955 and 1957.

Mercury ore was first discovered at the site in 1919. The claim was staked in 1954 by a gentleman named Anderson, which likely gave the mine its name. Mining exploration began in 1955 but produced mostly low grade ore. This resulted in the decision in 1957 to not pursue development of the mine. The mine is surrounded by evidence of more recent prospects, visible in the video above. The most prominent features today are the water tank on a hill, an impressive 6-cylinder steam shovel partially hidden in the trees, the remains of some wood buildings and a shallow vertical shaft. The steam shovel alone is worth exploring. How did it end up here in the middle of nowhere?

The mine is close to the restricted area surrounding the Nevada Test and Training Range, in particular the infamous Area 51. Be sure to follow the directions below and stay on the road. Away from the road the boundary is poorly marked. There is an interesting network of 4WD roads around the mine worth exploring. As long as you stay north of the main road you are a safe distance away from the perimeter but you may see security in a pickup truck keeping a watchful eye on you from the distance.


In order to preserve the site, in particular the historic steam shovel, we decided not to publish directions here. However, if you are interested in exploring this site with a bit of research it should not be too hard to find. Access to the mine requires a high clearance 4WD vehicle.

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