Mining Cabin on Chocolate Drop (Tempiute Mtn.)

Tempiute Mountain, about 6 miles east of Rachel, contains a variety of minerals. Since the early 1900's there have been various mining efforts, most of which did not prove profitable and were abandoned. The Lincoln Mine on the north side of Tempiute, which was in operation until the 1980's, is one exception.

A reminder of the prospecting and mining efforts are several abandoned cabins and mining sites on the slopes of Tempiute Mountain. This beautiful cabin below is located on its east side, near a peak known as Chocolate Drop. It has a great view to the south over the western Tikaboo Valley and the Groom Mountain Range, and to the northwest over the northern Sand Spring Valley.

Like most mining cabins in the area it is built of natural rocks, leaning against the slope of the mountain. The thick rock walls provide good insulation from the heat in summer, as well as from the cold in winter. This cabin is in excellent condition, including some of the original interior. To help preserve it, we will not give the exact location here. Access requires a high-clearance 4WD vehicle.

Photos taken in October 2000.

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