Leviathan Cave

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Leviathan Cave formed as a sink hole high up in the limestone cliffs of the Worthington Mountain Range 15 miles north-east of Rachel. There are several caves in the Worthingtons, but this one is a true leviathan. Its opening, easily visible on Google Earth, is 160x80 ft. across. The cave itself is much larger, and openings lead from the main cave to other parts of the cave system.

Leviathan Cave is located in the Worthington Mountain Wilderness, but as of this writing in 08/2019 no permit is needed to visit the cave. However, the hike up to the cave is very strenuous and entering the cave itself requires ropes, helmets and other gear. At the easiest spot you rappel 30ft. straight down into the cave. Please read the links below before you attempt the hike. If you visit please be careful not to damage the delicate limestone formations and other features in the cave.

The cave is on the west side of the Worthington Mountains but access from that side is not possible due to the steep terrain. Most people hike up from a primitive camp site on the east side of the moutainn range. The hike leads across a saddle and back down a few hundred feet on the west side to the cave. The strenuous hike is a 3.8 mile round trip with a 2,200 ft. elevation gain. It is recommended for serious hikers only.


For directions please see the links below.

GPS Coordinates

Leviathan Cave  N 37° 49.884'  W115° 36.433'
Primitive camp site  N37° 50.608'  W115° 35.063'

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The south end of the Worthington Mountain Range with Meeker Peak being the tallest peak. In the distance on the right is
Bald Mountain near Rachel. [07/28/2019]

Leviathan Cave is a large sink hole in the limestone cliffs of the Worthington Range [07/28/2019]

Looking down at the huge cave opening, 160x80ft. across. Desert vegetation is visible inside the cave [07/28/2019]

A closer look into the cave. Most people rappel from a level area between the 4 and 5 o'clock position. From here the drop is only 30ft.
If you look closely you can see a rope tied around a large rock with both ends leading over the edge and down into the cave. [07/28/2019]

Same photo as above but enhanced to reveal more of the inside of the cave [07/28/2019]

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