Mountain Views

The views below require a moderately strenuous mountain hike, but they are well-worth the effort.

View to the west from Flat Top (north of Queen City Summit) over the south end of Railroad Valley. The network of dirt roads in the foreground leads to a small mining operation. On the right is the south end of the Reveille Range and behind it Reveille Valley. The road on the left leads to Cedar Pipeline Ranch and to Cedar Pass in the background. Photo taken in October 2000.

View northwest from Tikaboo Peak over Tikaboo Valley. The Groom Mountain Range can be seen in the background. The road on the right is the E.T. Highway leading over Coyote Summit to Rachel. The road across in the valley is Groom Lake Road, the main access road to the mysterious Area 51, which lies behind the hills on the left. Photo taken in May 2000.

View south from Mount Irish over the Pahranagat Mountain Range. The tallest peak in the mid-ground is Tikaboo Peak, from where the photo above was taken. Photo taken in October 2000.

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