Reveille Ghost Town

The ghost town of Reveille is located on the east slope of the Reveille Mountain Range, overlooking the northern part of Railroad Valley. It is about 40 miles northwest of Rachel, less than an hour drive, and well worth a visit.

Like many mining towns of the 19th century, Reveilles life was short but turbulent. Founded in 1866 it bloomed to several dozen individual mines within the first year. But when the claims proved less than profitable, the miners moved on, and by 1880 Reveille was virtually deserted. A few mines were worked on and off until 1945, when Reveille was abandoned for good.

Today many stone foundations and one wooden cabin that mysteriously remained intact tell visitors a story of the good old days. There are actually two parts: the main settlement along the main road and Old Reveille about a mile further north, which has some interesting remains of old mining equipment. Both are worth exploring, but watch out for vertical mine shafts. Reveille also makes an excellent sheltered campsite away from the highway.

There is a network of interesting backroads, probably established by prospectors, leading into the Reveille Mountain Range from here. If you decide to explore them be sure to have a good topo map of the area. Some of the backroads past the settlement are very washed out and should only be used by experienced four-wheelers. It is a long walk back to the highway if you get stuck.


From the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel turn left onto Hwy 375 north. After about 37 miles you come to an intersection with a dirt road on the left, and a somewhat faded sign "Reveille". Turn left onto the dirt road and head towards the mountains. Keep following the main dirt road. After about 6.4 miles you come to a fork in the road. "Downtown Reveille" is just past that fork. Maintained dirt road, suitable for most cars.
To get to the actual mining operation Old Reveille turn right at the fork and follow the road north, then west for about 1.5 miles.

GPS Coordinates

Rachel (Little A'Le'Inn)  N 37° 38.801'  W115° 44.760'
Nye/Lincoln County Line  N37° 43.329'  W115° 53.671'
Queen City Summit  N37° 45.129'  W115° 56.733'
Cedar Road / Hwy 375  N37° 45.959'  W115° 58.882'
Reveille Turnoff  N38° 04.070'  W116° 04.530'
Reveille (approx.)  N38° 01.860'  W116° 10.200'
Old Reveille (approx.)  N38° 02.080'  W116° 11.060'

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