Mount Irish Petroglyph Site

The Mount Irish Petroglyph Site is a 640-acre site in the northern Pahranagat Valley. The petroglyphs were carved into the soft reddish rock by prehistoric American Indians. The site is mostly undeveloped, and there are no facilities.

To get to the Petroglyph Site take Hwy. 318 north from the 318/375 fork. After 2.5 miles take Logan Summit Road, a dirt road leading west. The petroglyphs are spread out in an area about 8 miles from the turnoff. Look for the sign below. Access to the petroglyphs is possible with most sturdy 2WD vehicles. Many petroglyphs are within easy hiking distance from the road.

If you continue on the dirt road for another 3.5 miles you come over Logan Summit and into the northern Tikaboo Valley. On the way into the Valley you pass a beautiful wooden mining cabin that is worth a stop. The road over Logan Summit requires a 4WD high-clearance vehicle.

Photos taken in July 2002.

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