Mining Cabin on Logan Summit Road

This beautiful wooden mining cabin is located on Logan Summit Road, a little over a mile south of Mount Irish. It sits in the shade of a group of trees, and is in excellent condition. Several items of clothing in usable condition inside the cabin seem to indicate that it is occasionally used. If you visit this cabin please respect the privacy of a possible occupant, and do not disturb any of the items inside.

Logan Summit Road connects the north end of Tikaboo Valley with the northern Pahranagat Valley. It is in fairly good condition, and can probably be done with a sturdy 2WD vehicle. High clearance may be required.

To get to Logan Summit Road turn north from the ET Highway onto the well-maintained dirt road near mile marker LN 27.5, about two miles north of the (white) "Black Mailbox" of rancher Steve Medlin. After about 11 miles take the right fork that leads directly towards Mt. Irish. After a couple of miles you will see the cabin on the right. If you continue past Logan Summit and the Mount Irish Petroglyph Site you end up at Hwy. 318 near the Key Pittman Wildlife Management Area, 2.5 miles north of the intersection with the ET Highway.

Photos taken in July 2002.

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