Moores Station

Moores Station was established in 1875 as a stagecoach stop on the Belmont-Tybo-Eureka line. A nearby spring provides plenty of water to form a beautiful oasis of green in the dry desert. Moores Station even had one of the first orchards in Nevada, which still bears fruit today.

Later, when the stagecoach line was abandoned the beautiful two-story stone building was used as a ranch house for a while. But when the Atomic Energy Commission began preparations to conduct underground nuclear tests nearby in 1968 Moores Station had already been abandoned for many years. To protect the historic building from the expected shockwave it was reinforced with wooden beams on the outside and steel rods holding them together. The reinforcements are still visible today (see photo below).

Luckily the nuclear tests were cancelled after the first blast, and Moores Station lay dormant for another few decades. Because of the beautiful location locals often came out here for a picnic or to camp.

In the late 1990's Moores Station was restored, and converted to a private residence. Besides the beautiful station house there are several other stone buildings nearby. If you visit, please note that this is private property.


From Rachel turn left onto Hwy 375 north. Follow it for about 59 miles. At the Warm Springs junction turn right onto US-6 east. After 25.4 miles you see a small sign to "Moores Station" on the left. Turn left onto the well-maintained dirt road. After 12.2 miles you get to a 4-way intersection. Turn right here, and always follow the most traveled road when you come to a fork. After 4.9 miles you will see Moores Station on your right, under a group of trees. Suitable for most vehicles.

GPS Coordinates

Rachel  N 37° 38.801'  W115° 44.760'
Queen City Summit  N37° 45.129'  W115° 56.733'
Warm Springs  N38° 11.447'  W116° 22.218'
Basecamp  N38° 18.705'  W116° 16.807'
Moores Station Turnoff  N38° 28.792'  W116° 05.882'
4-way intersection  N38° 37.593'  W116° 11.402'
Moores Station  N38° 41.468'  W116° 11.062'

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Moores Station after it was restored and converted to a private residence. Thanks to a nearby spring there is plenty of green, and shade in summer. The wooden beams above the windows are reinforcements to prevent damage from the nearby underground nuclear tests in the late 1960's. [June 1999]

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